Welcome to the Panpipes Magickal Marketplace website.
This site is no longer being updated nor processing online orders.
I'm still quite behind on past orders and trying to catch up.
Should you still wish to place an order, please phone or text 323 4627078.

Sunday & Monday ~ Closed
* These are the general hours but subject to change on short notice *
Tuesday ~ 11am - 7pm
Wednesday ~ 11am - 7pm
Thursday ~ 11am - 7pm
Friday ~ 11am - 7pm
Saturday ~ 11am - 7pm

Please note that the hours are not firm and subject to change on short notice.
As I run the shoppe alone, I sometimes can fall sick or an unexpectant event occur,
which can necessiate a shoppe closure for the day. Please consult Yelp and/or the
outgoing phone message for up to date shoppe operating hours. Thank you!

For more up to date happenings, find us on :
This MS page is a relic...