Donald R. Blyth..............Doctor, Metaphysician, Occultist, Yogi,  opened on Hollywood Blvd, in 1961,  the infamous Weird Museum.   His collection of oddities had been gathered by his father, a sea captain, in his travels over the world, and brought to Dr. Blyth as a youth.

Early in 1961, Rooms were rented at 6546 Hollywood Boulevard, in Hollywood, as a home to Don's occult group, "Brotherhood of the Ram."  and the WEIRD MUSEUM was opened to the public to support the group's new home..
The tickets were 50 cents each.

  In the fall of 1970,  Isis joined the group, and along with Don, Jolene and Lilith,  hosted the Weird Museum .
The little Museum was to become world famous, and finally infamous.

The original museum was housed in three separate rooms:  the Chamber of Horrors, the Medical Room, and a special room for Senbi Ak-Es-En-Amen,  a 3300 year old Egyptian mummy.

  Eventually Dr Blyth  opened a new attraction, Nightmare Alley, And acquired a new artifact, the alleged bones of Vlad Tepes the Impaler.....or as he is commonly known...Dracula!

In the spring of 1971, Lilith, Isis and Jolene had an idea, and went to Dr Blyth to ask if they might sell a few candles and herbs in a corner of the Weird Museum....from that small idea was born The Ram Occult Center in the summer of 1971. 

The new location on Wilcox Ave was supported by The Ram Center, with Jolene at the helm, and the  Museum in secondary residence. Eventually, the Weird Museum was closed and put in storage behind  the store.

On January 12th, 1985, Isis closed the once mighty Ram Center, and at 1611 North Cherokee Avenue, in Hollywood, on January 15th, 1985, opened a brand new Hollywood occult shop.  Panpipes Magickal Marketplace.

In February 1988, we relocated to Cahuenga Blvd., and business was and is still booming!. 

In 1995, Isis sold the store to actress Fairuza Balk.

Between 1997-1998, Fairuza brought in Jymie Darling, and subsequently Vicky Adams as interns. During the following years their roles extended into managerial territory especially as
George Derby's time in the store dropped to weekends and consultation basis. George took his leave during September 2001, after Vicky bought the store. She and Jymie successfully ran
Panpipes together until early 2014 at which time Jymie moved on to pursue her own endeavors.

The store was used as shooting location for "Unsolved Mysteries,"  "Dream On,"  "Rockford Files, The Movie,"  "Witchboard II,"
and "Hardball," "North Mission Road". And has been involved with JAG, Pirates of the Carribean II, CSI Las Vegas and much much much more!!!