Scrying Balls have a unique ability to create and hold energy for specific purposes.
Made out of Selenite (a stone that creates fiber optics), one holds the scrying ball
in your hand for 9 days focusing on the intent for at least 20 minutes at a time.
On the 9th day, place the ball into water and then wave through incense to release
the energy to the universe in a single burst of combined energy.
The ball can then be reused again.

$14.00 choose your color. Comes with stand.



Blue Cats Eye Ball
Blue Cat's Eye Ball

Jupiter aspect. Health, Prosperity,


Green Cats Eye Ball
Green Cat's Eye Ball

Venus aspect. Luck, attract
Good Fortune.


Cats Eye Grey Ball
Grey Cat's Eye Ball

Saturn aspect. Absorb Negativity,
Dispel Anger.



Orange Cats Eye Ball
Orange Cat's Eye Ball

Mercury aspect. Communications,

Pink Cats Eye Ball
Pink Cat's Eye Ball

Venus aspect. Love,


Purple Cat Eye Ball
Purple Cat's Eye Ball

Mercury aspect. Psychic Ability,
Creativity, Artistry.



Red Cats Eye Ball
Red Cat's Eye Ball

Mars aspect. Protection,


White Cat Eye Ball
White Cat's Eye Ball

Moon aspect. Protection,
Grounding, Healing.


Yellow Cats Eye Ball
Yellow Cat's Eye Ball

Sun aspect. Success,
Wisdom, Achievement.